Monaco Heliport enters the programme at Level 1

17 September 2018

The only aviation facility in Monaco has just started Mapping its carbon emissions within Airport Carbon Accreditation! Keep it up Monaco Heliport & Government of Monaco!

Austin-Bergstrom starts reducing CO2!

11 September 2018

We have great news to share all the way from Texas! Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has been recognised for their intensified efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions with a Level 2 Reduction certificate. This successful upgrade comes just over a year after they joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme at Level 1. Congratulations on your achievement!

Malta International Airport renews at Level 1

11 September 2018

The main and only airport serving Maltese islands, Malta International Airport just renewed their certification at Level 1 Mapping of Airport Carbon Accreditation. Congratulations on your continued commitment to manage CO2! 

Haikou Meilan joins the programme!

11 September 2018

The Chinese province of Hainan has just gained a climate-smart airport! Haikou Meilan International Airport has started Mapping its carbon emissions within Airport Carbon Accreditation. Welcome! 欢迎

Belo Horizonte abroad!

07 September 2018

Welcome to Belo Horizonte International Airport - the latest new entrant to the programme, which became carbon accredited at the 'Mapping' level (Level 1) this week.

Helsinki Airport renews its Carbon Neutral status

03 September 2018

Finland's capital city airport, Helsinki has just renewed its Level 3+ certification - congratulations to all the team there on their work to retain the airport operator's carbon neutral status.

Edmonton International Airport renews its accreditation

24 August 2018

Did you know that Canada's Edmonton International Airport is engaged in Airport Carbon AccreditationThe airport is busy with Mapping its carbon emissions, getting a head-start to CO2 reductions! Congratulations on your renewal at Level 1 Mapping and fingers crossed for your progress within the programme. 

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi renews at Level 3 Optimisation

24 August 2018

Good news on carbon-free mobility from Thailand! Bangkok Suvarnabhumi will welcome electric taxis operating to and from the airport as of next month! In an effort to promote renewable energy, a fleet of 101 electric taxis will be in service by Sep. 9 with a goal of increasing the number to upward of 1,000 next year. 

This news comes as Bangkok Suvarnabhumi secures renewal at the second to highest levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation - Level 3 Optimisation. Congratulations on your efforts to reduce your own carbon emissions and engaging others to do the same!  

Read the rest of the story here.  


Kiruna Airport renews for the next 3 years

23 August 2018

Kiruna Airport achieved a great feat in carbon management! The airport secured a 3-yearly renewal at the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation - 3+ Neutrality!
Just as a reminder: 
Airports can apply for such a prolonged renewal only if they have achieved a quantified emissions reduction on at least one Scope 3 emissions source, i.e. successfully contributed to reducing the carbon footprint of their partners. And while their certificates are valid for three years, these airports still have, on an annual basis, to submit a full carbon footprint, demonstrate emissions reductions and offset their residual emissions.

Ufff, in short, it’s quite a feat to have it made!

Pristina International Airport scales new heights in CO2 management

17 August 2018

BIG NEWS from Kosovo! 
Pristina International Airport has just reached a whole new level of carbon management! 
The airport was recognised for reducing its CO2 and engaging its partners (companies working at the airport site) to start reducing their emissions as well!! 
Welcome at Level 3 Optimisation of Airport Carbon Accreditation, one step away from carbon neutrality. 

Visby Airport secures 3-yearly renewal at Level 3+!

17 August 2018

Visby Airport's operations are now completely fossil fuel free! Carbon emissions have decreased from around 300 tonnes to zero in the space of 10 years as a result of efficiency measures and replacing all fossil fuel-powered vehicles – from fire trucks to snow removal equipment. Energy consumption has also fallen steadily over the period and the airport’s energy is provided by renewable electricity.
No wonder that the airport has just achieved a successful 3-yearly renewal at Level 3+Neutrality of Airport Carbon Accreditation!!

Milan Bergamo Airport renews at Level 2 Reduction

17 August 2018

Italy's 3rd busiest airport is also busy with reducing CO2 emissions! Milan-Bergamo Airport just renewed its Level 2 Reduction certificate within Airport Carbon Accreditation. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

New arrival! Charlottetown Airport is Mapping its CO2

07 August 2018

Charlottetown Airport, located on the Prince Edward Island in Canada, has just been recognised for Mapping its CO2 emissions with an Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate! The airport is off to a great start with their carbon management. Charlottetown is the 242nd accredited airport worldwide and the 35th in the region of North America. 
Read more in their Press Release

Italy's Cagliari Airport renews its accreditation

01 August 2018

Cagliari Airport has just renewed its certificate for Mapping their CO2 emissions within Airport Carbon Accreditation! Congratulations on your renewal!

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru renews at Level 3+ Neutrality

31 July 2018

Good climate news from India. The country's third busiest airport, Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru renews at Level 3+ Neutrality of Airport Carbon Accreditation. Congratulations! 

Hamad International Airport renews at Level 3 Optimisation

30 July 2018

Hamad International Airport in Doha just renewed its accreditation at the second to highest level of the programme. Congratulations on your new Level 3 Optimisation certificate! 

Stockholm Arlanda Airport achieves a 3-yearly renewal at Level 3+

18 July 2018

The busiest airport of Sweden is also one of the best-of-class airports in terms of carbon management. Stockholm Arlanda Airport just achieved a successful renewal at Level 3+ Neutrality for the next 3 years! Swedavia, which owns and operates Stockholm Arlanda, has cut its emissions of fossil carbon dioxide at the airport by more than half over the past seven years. The airport’s buildings are warmed up with district heating from biofuel, and all electricity purchased is produced from renewable sources, such as biofuel, solar, wind and hydropower. The airport is also gradually replacing its fleet of vehicles with environmentally sustainable vehicles. 

Read more about their extensive work to mitigate the impact of their operations on the climate here.  

Macau International Airport renews at Level 2 Reduction

18 July 2018

We are delighted to confirm that Macau International Airport renewed its Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate at Level 2 Reduction for another year! Congratulations on your renewal :). 

Ronneby Airport renews its Neutrality certificate

17 July 2018

Swedavia's Ronneby Airport continues its work on mitigating emissions from its operations! The airport has just renewed at Level 3+ Neutrality for another year. Congratulations!

First airport becomes accredited in New Zealand!

17 July 2018


A first in New Zealand!!! Christchurch Airport became accredited directly at Level 2 Reduction of Airport Carbon Accreditation! The airport was recognised for its carbon management work, which includes a commitment to transition of their vehicle fleet to 100% electric by 2030. Read more about their work on sustainability here.